Sunday, February 1, 2009

Not so new beginnings

Weeeeelllll, howdy... Yeah, that comic thing isn't going to happen if you haven't figured it out yet. Nick totally welched on me and is just sitting around with his thumb up his butt, hopefully just figuratively. But to be fair, I'm not exactly shooting finished comics out of my figurative butt either.

So anywho, 2009 has been a busy year thus far and I know I'm going to be learning a whole crap ton this semester which has me all excited and sweaty... I should probably see someone about that...

One big thing, I've recently officially become an RA at the Massart dorms, due to the previous RA deciding she doesn't think art school is her thing (deciding this after attending here for 5 semesters...) so I was offered the job, since I'm such a stand up guy.

I'll pause for laughter.

I hope everyone had super exciting holidays and that 2009 is as awesome as 2008 was, if not more! This is going to be a big year, and if anyone has internships they wanna let me in on, like, assisting a warlock or high-leveled druid, I would be aaaall over that, in fat kid v. cake style.

I'll try to write more blogs, but I probably won't because I rarely have exciting things to say. Bye everyone and GoBama!