Sunday, March 8, 2009


I am no good at this blogging thing. I just forget! I have news and such and I just don't think to blog it. Well, here's a wrap-up of my recent doings:

I've been working my ass off in Animation and really want to hit the next step with my work. I'm tired of all these pencil tests and abstract collage animations. I'm gonna try to do some more work in flash to get a more finished look out of my animations.

I'm getting more comfortable with my illustration style, well, at least a little more confident in my abilities. My biggest illustration crux is just pure laziness. I've really been pushing myself recently though and I'm pretty happy with the things I've been turning out. I'm going to start posting more on my deviant art account ( so you guys can check that out soon!

I am an RA now for the Artist Residents and I have recently received news that I have been rehired for next year too! So that'll really help with living costs and such as well as another nice addition to my resume. I'll also finally be able to go through RA training (since I was hired mid-year due to the previous RA quitting) so I think I'll be able to do a lot more to help the Res Life staff and the students, which will be immensely rewarding unto itself.

I also volunteered to become the Student Government representative for Animation next year. My biggest reason is so I can lobby to put more technology-based classes into the Animation curriculum (which you can ask any MassArt Animation major is the biggest weakness of the department).

My friend Mr. Jason Flinkstrom and I are also in the talks about starting up a webcomic about a very silly/awesome concept of future interdimensional assassins, he has written the first few pages of the first issue and I pencilled some tests. I also have recruited the help of the very talented individuals Tim Prendergast (to do inks) and Lauren St. Onge (to do colors) so I think there may actually be some potential in this.

I have yet to hear back from ANY of my internship applications :( . Looks like I'll be working retail this summer, c'est la vie. If anyone has heard of anything, or would be interested in my sevices as an intern, I have a wide range of abilites and think I could really help in almost an situation.

I think that's it for now, I hope everyone has a St. Patrick's Day, I'll be celebrating my birthday soon enough (the big 2-0 D:) which will be... cool? I don't know, birthdays never really struck me as anything that important. I know I always say this, but I will try to post more often, even if it's mundane.