Monday, May 31, 2010

Writing Post #1

I guess I'm going for more creative writing rather than any sort of livejournal-esque documentation.

Decided I'm not going to write my skits down on this site for fear of them being stolen or something. Suffice to say, I wrote around 6 good sketches this morning that I'm really happy with. Just some one liners that would go between the main skits. A lot of my inspiration has come from this sheet I have with all these inside jokes my friend Nick Burgess and I have created over the years. They're comedic gold mines and really good jumping off points for further writing.

I am also aware that I've already failed at my frequent updating promise. Pshaw I say, in a feigned apathetic declaration....

Sidenote, Autosave keeps freaking out because I've been writing and rewriting this blog entry for a week and had the page open the whole time.



Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer 2010

This is the calm before the great storm that is Senior Year.

We're talking degree projects, portfolios, networking and gathering up all my credits to face the 8-headed beast of graduation. My entire time in education has all come to these last twelve months.

And by god, I will be ready for it.

This summer I'm doing another drawing blog with a friend where we each put up an observational drawing on alternating days. I'm also looking for a job to help pay off some of the overwhelming funds I have racked up in school loan debts.

Finally, in an attempt to further my skills as a writer, I'm going to make a vow to try and write at least one thing on this blog everyday. I've finally realized that my real strength lies in writing and set-up, so for my DP I'm going to put all of my time and energy into coming up with some hilarious skits this summer and let the animation fall into place.

So here's to a productive summer, let the coming months be fruitful.