Monday, May 31, 2010

Writing Post #1

I guess I'm going for more creative writing rather than any sort of livejournal-esque documentation.

Decided I'm not going to write my skits down on this site for fear of them being stolen or something. Suffice to say, I wrote around 6 good sketches this morning that I'm really happy with. Just some one liners that would go between the main skits. A lot of my inspiration has come from this sheet I have with all these inside jokes my friend Nick Burgess and I have created over the years. They're comedic gold mines and really good jumping off points for further writing.

I am also aware that I've already failed at my frequent updating promise. Pshaw I say, in a feigned apathetic declaration....

Sidenote, Autosave keeps freaking out because I've been writing and rewriting this blog entry for a week and had the page open the whole time.



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