Sunday, April 4, 2010

Superlative post.

I just felt like writing something right now.

I'm working on a painting for my Illustration class and noooot really happy with how it's coming out. I think it'll start to look better once I've added the more detailed aspects of the composition.

I keep thinking about this Design assignment I have and how into my concept I've become. It's this TV Show idea I have about highwaymen in the late 1600's and the trials and tribulations of outlaw life (my main inspirations are coming from Watanabe cartoons and real stories of 17th century highwaymen). It might end up being my Degree Project, even though I've been told multiple times NOT to let that happen.

Also, I have a full day of shooting animation tomorrow, both in digital and film, which should be... interesting.

All I can say is, if I smoked, this would be the time to step outside for a cigarette and collect my thoughts.

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