Sunday, August 1, 2010

Toilet seat covers and exorcisms.

Has anyone ever been able to use those toilet seat covers without ruthlessly shredding them apart? I'm still a proponent of the "covering the seat with toilet paper" method when I need to make my poops. I tried using one today and not only did it take so long to get it out of the death trap of a cardboard box the covers are contained in but when I finally did use it I felt no more protected than sitting on the toilet seat itself. It was cold. And scary.

As I'm writing this a commercial came on for another exorcism movie... it looks... like every other exorcism movie... I don't know, I never found it to be a terrifying concept, exorcisms. I guess it's hard to be afraid of possessions when you're agnostic... They all use the same camera techniques and writhing pre-teen girls puking pea soup and shouting profanities in Latin. That's the other thing, why don't possession movies ever have a male character getting possessed? Do guys not get possessed? If so, that further lessens my fear of said topic since apparently my gender alone removes me from any threat or predisposition to demons taking over my soul.

I saw Inception last week. On the pure fact that Christopher Nolan is a bad ass who doesn't give a crap about making high-earning movies, I loved Inception. I was a bit slow at times and at no point of the movie was I completely thrown off by what happened, but the general concept of the movie and the spectacular execution furthered my respect for Nolan and his ability to make truly thought-provoking and mentally stimulating pieces of cinema. It's just too bad that people consider the movies he makes to be "summer blockbusters" because as far as blockbusters go, Inception was a psychological adventure into the corners of the human mind and investigation of coping mechanisms. It also had a cute little cliff hanger at the end that I won't mention in case the three people who read this haven't seen the movie yet.

I wish I could dress nicer without spending money. I'm growing an admiration of sweater vests and ties. I own no vests and one tie that I only use for formal occasions. Also, dockers and loafers would be cool.

I want the school year to start, I'm itching to get some feedback on the things I've written for my DP. I also can't wait to start writing for television, it's going to be sweet.

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